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Rose Latté

  • $29.95
💪 30g of Protein
🍄 5 Functional Super-Shrooms
😎 <1g Sugar

7 Latté Packets: Roses are red. 🌹 Violets are blue. Our Rose Lattes taste great too. Don’t miss out on your next favorite drink on the go. Our Rose Latté blends five functional mushrooms with our beauty blend of pearl powder, collagen, goji berries, and dragonfruit for a luxurious treat. Balanced with whey protein and MCT oil, this mix will keep you glowing.

🍄 Super-Shrooms 🍄

Organic Tremella Organic Poria
Organic Cordyceps Organic Lion’s Mane
Organic Shitake


⚡️Adaptogens + Superfoods⚡️

Pearl Powder
Gogi Berry
MCT Coconut Oil Whey Protein



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