Cacao Latté

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💪 28g of Protein
🍄 10 Functional Super-Shrooms
😎 <1g Sugar

7 Latté Packets—Rich Cacao 🍫

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate.  Except our is raw cacao and none of the sugar. Our Cacao Latté is packed with 10 functional mushrooms tailored to support balance. Silky whey protein, MCT oil, and uplifting cacao, combine to make this mix more than your average cup of hot cocoa.

🍄 Super-Shrooms 🍄

Organic Reishi Organic Chaga
Organic Cordyceps Organic Lion’s Mane
Organic Maitake Organic Poria
Organic Shitake Organic tremella
Organic Turkey Tail


⚡️Adaptogens + Superfoods⚡️

Organic Raw Cacao
MCT Coconut Oil



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