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Golden Chai Latté

  • $29.95
💪 28g of Protein
🍄 3 Functional Super-Shrooms
😎 <1g Sugar

7 Latté Packets: Our Golden Chai Latté 🌟 has a blend of 3 functional mushrooms, and Adaptogen brain foods , tailored to complement a focused and creative day. Balanced with whey protein, MCT oil, and our unique spice blend, this delicious mix is creamy and caffeine-free, making it perfect for any time of day.

 🍄 Super-Shrooms 🍄

Organic Lion’s Mane Organic Reishi
Organic Cordyceps 


⚡️Adaptogens + Superfoods⚡️

Gout Kola Ginkgo Biloba
MCT Coconut Oil



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